Thursday, 29 January 2015

FASHION | small primark haul

so about once or twice a year, my maternal grandad likes to take my sister and i shopping, or gives us some money and sends us on our way, and then takes us for lunch. we went last week, and i thought i would show you what i got from primark and a few other bits i got as well! i also have a vlog up on my youtube about part of the day if you wanted to check that out too! just search 'findneverlandwithme' and i should pop up!

so as you can see i bought some jumpers and loungey tshirts (please excuse the stomach, it is a food baby i have been cooking!) and then obviously the essentials like cotton wool pads and cotton pads. the cotton pads from boots are my absolute favourite, as they are two faced, so i use one side for my eye makeup, and then the other side for my toner (obviously not on the same pad!!) i highly recommend them to everyone! they aren't the cheapest, but i think they have like £2 or something, and they are amazing quality! and then we come to the goodies (which did not last long at all!) watch my blog to find out all about red vines and why i chose those, they are amazing, and obviously who doesn't love pop tarts!!

so yeah, it wasn't a great deal that i got, and it isn't very excited, but i treated myself to a few bits and then got some essentials haha and wanted to show you all. i hope everyone is well and okay, and i shall see you in my next post!

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  1. I love the Lion King tee.
    Rubi | The Den |


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