Tuesday, 20 January 2015

FASHION | whats in my bag?! collab with NatalieBlogsMakeup

hello everyone, and i am sorry it has been so long since i posted! i have been meaning to do a catch up post, but the days have run away with me! if you follow me on social media you will know that a) i have been working a lot, b) i have been very ill for the past few weeks and c) i have been doing a whilst being b, so it has been busy! HOWEVER i am pleased to be writing this post tonight! as you will know i finally have my YouTube channel up and running (its findneverlandwithme if you didn't already know) and i joined in a collaboration post with a lovely blogger called Natalie and decided to film myself a video! so, this is Natalies bag and its contents, and then i shall show you mine!!


As I've mentioned many times before, I'm a little bit obsessed with handbags. Ok quite a bit obsessed, but we all have our weaknesses, right? My current favourite is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM because it's perfect for every day use. So since I've been using it quite a bit recently, I thought I'd show you what's inside! 

1. Bobbi Brown face powder 2. MAC Pro longwear concealer 3. Real Techniques mini powder brush 4. Louis Vuitton clutch bag 5. Earphones 6. iPhone 7. Giorgio Armani Sì perfume 8. Alexa Chung IT book 9. 2015 planner from Paperchase 10. iPhone charger  11. Hair ties 12. Bobbi Brown lip gloss 13. Extra chewing gum 14. Soap and Glory hand sanitizer 15. Water 16.Umbrella from Jack Wills 17. Pen 18. Makeup bag from Ted Baker 


If you are like me, you love handbags. For some people it's shoes, others makeup - for me my thing is handbags. Sure…my shoe collection isn’t horrific, and my makeup collection grows nearly every day, but I find a handbag makes or breaks an outfit. Not many people will know but I am somewhat of a hoarder, so I keep, basically, everything useless in my room and especially in my bag. I have wanted to film this video for a while, and I thought as my YouTube is finally up and running I would share it with you guys! No there probably isn’t as much rubbish in here as there will be in a few weeks time, but as they say no time like the present! I used to be the sort of girl to carry around her whole makeup just in case something happened or there was a freak weather accident, but now i carry around a host of practical things…and now I just sound boring! Anyway, here is my ‘whats in my bag’ video!

i hope everyone is okay and the new year is treating you all well! in regards to my new years resolution...well i shall cover that in my catch up post soon! love you all!

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