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REVIEW | L'Oreal Infallible 24H Foundation

there is a lot of hype around these foundations, and a few YouTubers who seem to rave about them (mainly Lauren Curtis, so i blame her for this!!) and seeing as i was running out of my current favourite foundation, one by Avon but i cannot remember the name at the moment, so decided to see what the hype was about and whether it would work with me and my very odd skin.

i have always had a problem with foundations, as you guys probably know. recently though i have noticed a very big difference in my skin. usually i used to be able to get away with very pale foundations, my favourite of all time has to be Revlon ColourStay (i have a review here i did in 2013, but since then i have fallen even more in love with it!) but recently i have been finding that the palest foundation is too pink based for my skin, and the next shade is too orange based so i find i have to do a mixture of the two, hence me buying the two shades of this one. my skin is being very odd at the moment, and despite the condition of it improving very slightly week on week (thank you too much water and healthier eating you beauties!!) i still struggle to find my 'perfect' shade. however these two, in the right mixture, seem to be providing me with a very very close shade, and it isn't too bad, i just have to make sure i use mostly the palest shade and a small amount of the shade up in order to warm it up.

the l'oreal website says this about the foundation - "introducing Infallible 24H Foundation by L'OrĂ©al Paris. High coverage longwear foundation that hides the appearance of fatigue and blemishes. Now with Hydrating Hyaluron Complex the 24H non-stop formula stays on and feels fresh from day to night." i agree with some bits, and not so much with others!

  • Packaging - i am a sucker for something that looks good, and this certainly has an aesthetic appeal to it. the packaging is very easy to hold in your hand - by this i mean normally foundation bottles are round and i find they just go everywhere, whereas this is rectangular and so fits in the hand better. as well as this, the pump is fantastic and you get just the right amount that you need in one small pump (which is always a bonus, no more faffing around trying to get a pump and a half etc!) and a little really does go a long way!
  • Availability - as far as i am aware this is readily available in most countries and online as well, so it can be found anywhere! i believe when i purchased mine i got it from boots, which in the UK is one of the biggest retailers.
  • Money - it is very inexpensive, when you compare the quality you get the price tag is no horrific. my fave foundations (relvon and avon) are both £11/£12 so despite the colour the price tag is quite nice. as it is so readily available, there are always deals on, for example boots currently have 3 for 1 on all l'oreal products i believe, but it wasn't on when i went in to get them (shame!!)
  • Coverage - the coverage i would say is a medium, and at the moment that is what i need. my skin is not horrific that i need a full cake and frosting on my face, but i do need something. the great thing about this is that it is build able, but when you build on it, it doesn't cake, so the coverage stays.
  • Colour Match - as i said previously, my colour match is very difficult. as you can see from the above picture the difference between the palest and the next shade up is a big jump, which is where i usually struggle. i am that in-between colour that none of the makeup brands have seemed to crack (hence me having to get one of each and mix!) however, that is just me, and my very bad skin tone, you will probably be able to find a shade for you! one thing i would suggest though is always read reviews online! i know everyone's skin is different, but hearing other people and their stories will be able to help you make more of an informed decision on your colour choice. but, as usual, the only way to know is to test yourself!!


  • Staying Power - straight up, this 24H jargon is just that - jargon. it is not 24H and as much as i would like to believe that l'oreal have cracked the secret recipe to makeup that stays on for a whole day i don't think they are quite there yet. i will give them that it does stay on very well (and i have tried both with and without a primer) having combination skin it seems to wear quickest on my nose and along my jawline (thank you scaring and spots!!) but other than that the 'staying power' on the rest of my face is not too bad. i would give it a solid 5/6 hours of wear, but in my job i need something a bit more substantial, which is why i try to team it with a good concealer (and i bought a new one of those, so look out for that post soon!) i wouldn't say the staying power is bad, but it could be a lot lot lot better. 
  • Colour Match - again, as i said above, for my personal skin tone it was/is/always will be very difficult for me to find a foundation that matches me perfectly, mixing these two shades is working for the moment, but have to be very careful not too have too much of one or the other, otherwise i am a pink ghost or a dodgy tan person, and that is not appealing when you are in a customer facing environment. 


i think this foundation is very good for the price you pay. i have bought fountains before in this price bracket and have been shocked with it. i am interested to see if it has any impact on the condition of my skin, so i am going to continue my current routine and drinking all my water, however i am not wearing makeup every day so that probably helps too! the colours could be improved, but that is just my personal preference as i am a dodgy colour. however, overall i am very impressed with this foundation, and it has currently taken a front seat in my makeup bag.

WOULD I RECCOMMEND? yes - for someone who doesn't have sh** skin like me!
WAS IT WORTH THE MONEY? yes - for what you get it is value for money
WOULD I BUY IT AGAIN? it is a maybe, i am still undecided!

if you guys have questions about the foundation, anything at all, please don't forget to comment or contact me on my email and i shall answer as best i can! i hope you're all okay and doing well!

note : i am sorry i haven't posted in a while, work has been very busy but i am trying to get back in to my old routine for you guys! i am still posting on social media, and trying to get some youtube videos up and going, so don't forget to check that out for me!

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