Sunday, 8 March 2015

FAVOURITES | february

i realised that i hadn't really done any favourites posts of videos before, mainly because i can't really afford to be buying new things every month, but i don't think monthly favourites have to always be about new products you want to talk about cause you love - i think they could be things you have rediscovered, or something you have been using every day, and so without further ado this is my collection of monthly favourites - beauty and non-beauty.

in terms of beauty favourites there haven't really been many. however there have been one or two bits that i have loved. my Garnier Micellar Water has been an absolute must have for me (keep an eye out for an upcoming post about why this is something i would recommend) as i have tried to cut down on my makeup wearing again, but when i do i need to make sure it all comes off, especially with how my skin has been recently. this would lead me on to talk about the concealers i have been loving this month. these two, one from Revlon and the other Avon, have been life savers to me recently. with my bad break outs (heaven knows why, i am trying to get to the bottom of it, but i blame stress) when i have worn makeup i want to make sure those pesky scars and blemishes are covered. the Revlon i tend to use on my cheeks and jawline as it is closer to my natural skin colour and so counteracts the redness a little better, and the Avon stick concealer i try to use under my eyes before my foundation as it is thicker and ever so slightly lighter than my skin colour. i find i get the best results this way, but this is just perusal preference!

the hand cream is something you wouldn't expect to see in a monthly favourites, but it something that i have been reaching for a lot this month. with my job my hands do get quite rough some times and my the lotions and creams i had been using just weren't cutting it, so i decided to try and find a new one. this one was reduced in Superdrug so thought i would give it a go, as it did say 'for extra dry skin' and it contains shea butter which is a natural softener anyway. i have been using this for a few weeks now and the difference in my hands is incredible. i think my hands have been rough because of what i pick up and how dirty my hands get so i wash them a lot, so whenever i wash my hands i use this right after. when i say a little goes a long way boy do i mean it. a tiny pea sized amount is enough to cover my whole hands and once rubbed in to my skin and absorbed i can instantly feel the difference. one thing i will say is that it does take a little longer than other hand creams to absorb in to the skin (in comparison to say a moisturiser or Soap & Glory's Hand Food *see post here all about it as it is still an amazing hand cream*) but once it is then the results are a lot more impressive.

my non beauty favourites this month might be a little bit obvious to those who follow me on social media, as i have been going on a lot about them recently, but for those who don't i have included them in here so i can talk about them a little more. now, i know those who know about TWD are judging me right now but listen up *heres a story about a little guy that lives in a drew blue abadee etc* but i did watch the first three seasons when they came out, and obviously fell in love (who hasn't?!) although can i just say, it wasn't until i was watching extras from season 1 that i realised ANDREW LINCOLN IS ENGLISH!! his american accent is spot on, and he holds it superbly!! back to the favourites now! for christmas ben got me this box set, and i have only started to rematch recently because of season 5. i am going to be asking for season 4 for my birthday, but i had forgotten how young and naive everyone was in the beginning (no spoilers right now but who else is enjoying season 5?!) the second non beauty favourites are these two CD collections i borrowed from mother and father to put on my laptop to feed my current music obsessions. i have done a post about it which will be up soon, and i have mentioned it in a new video too (due up monday i hope!) but i have a very broad music taste, but recently i have really been loving classic rock and 80's so i decided to make my obsession more potent and feed it with 6 CD's worth of good music. i feel sorry for my iTunes right now, it is not going to know what to do with itself!

so there you go! those are my favourites for the month of february! hopefully march's will be a little more excited for you guys, but i wanted to test this out and see how you guys like it and whether it suits my blog! hope you guys are all well, see you soon!


  1. Very tempted to try that Revlon concealer, everyone seems to be mad about it again! Great post x

    1. it is very pigmented and does conceal quite well, i just wish there was a fairer colour than this one as i would have preferred that. if you are super duper pale, like Mykie on IG then i would suggest not getting this cause it can be too orange toned, but i find if i wear it under my foundation i can just about get away with it :)


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