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REVIEW | Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water vs L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Micellar Water

in the last few years, nothing seems to have boomed or made more of an impact in the beauty industry than micellar water. every brand out there has their own form of micellar water with different properties but all with very smilier outcomes. personally i did not buy in to this new craze until later on, until most brands had produced their own equivalent. when i first bought one, i went with the L'Oreal as i had watched a youtube video (as we all do) and it was one that was mentioned so i thought i would try. having repurchased a few times i was perfectly happy and content. however, now my money situation is slightly tighter as i am living away from home (and yes i know i have posted a few primark hauls recently, but that is because i have worked the over time to be able to treat myself to a few things) i do have to watch a little more what i am buying. when i went in to repurchase yet again i saw that the Garnier water was on offer, and was cheaper for more, so i thought why not give it a try.

i have been using it for a few weeks now, and i thought i would write a little post for you all about my experiences with both. so, price wise, at superdrug both are usually £4.99, but you get more with the Garnier as it is 400ml whereas L'Oreal is 200ml. at the moment both are on offer - Garnier is £3.32 and L'Oreal is £2.48. at boots both the Garnier and L'Oreal are £4.99 but there is currently an offer on for 3 for 2 on selected skincare, hand and body, indulgent gift sets and self tan. personally i have both a boots and superdrug points card so i try to shop between the two depending on what has the best offers on what i want. this time i went with superdrug as i only wanted micellar water and i knew if i went with boots i would buy things i don't really need, but if you need to stock up at the moment i would recommend having a look at boots! 

so lets start with L'Oreal, as i did. everything about this is great. as i have said so many times before i have sensitive skin so the idea of micellar water was very attractive to me when i decided sometime last year to change up my makeup and skincare routine (as i do way to often). it does what it says on the tin in some aspects - it has no perfume or scent so does not irritate my skin or eyes, it does tone and smooth my skin and it certainly doesn't leave me with a greasy or dry feeling, for someone who has combination skin this is very important. in terms of what i bought it for - removing my eye makeup - i would give it a 6 ½ out of 10. yes, it does remove all of my eye makeup, i will give it that, as for the apparently easy "apply [...] hold over [then] just sweep" i will call it up on that. i did have to do a bit of rubbing to be able to remove my eye makeup. yes, i am aware when i wear makeup i usually go all out on my eyes because those are the bits i am most self conscious with on my face as i think they are too small so i try to make them larger, so yes getting eye makeup off is a complete b****. i usually use two cotton pads worth of makeup remover to try and get it all off, and if it still isn't i will use a baby wipe (don't judge, they are kinder on my eyes). however when i used it in the morning on my t-zone before applying makeup it did tone my skin up slightly so that was always useful. one other thing i will say is that it was often a little messy getting the product out as the hole in the cap seemed a little too big so i had to perfect the art of getting it out slowly.

RELIABILITY - 7 out of ten
REMOVEABILITY - 6 ½ out of ten
SKIN CARE - ½  out of ten
OVERALL - 7 out of ten

so as i said at the beginning the main reason  bought this and not the L'Oreal was that this was more cost effective. in terms of first look it is blatantly obvious you get more in this than the other, and i am undecided on which packaging i prefer more. i think i am swayed more towards the L'Oreal, but this one is easier to hold, and certainly easier to not get too much product out of the top. speaking of, i have found that this one is easier to open and close (just something i know, but makes a difference to me.) so i know the lighting in this picture is rubbish, so you can't read too much of what is on the packaging but it pretty much says the same thing as the L'Oreal. it says that micellar water is an easy product to use as it cleanses and gently removes makeup in one step, and that the Garnier Skin Naturals Philosophy is that, "wherever possible, [they use] naturally derived active ingredients which have been carefully extracted to preserve quality and purity". like the L'Oreal, it says that you use a cotton pad and just wipe across the face and that no rubbing is required. with this statement i agree more. i have found that this Garnier micellar water is more effective than the L'Oreal in removing my eye makeup, even those pesky little bits of mascara that stay trapped near my upper and lower lash line. although my skin has been utter rubbish recently (stress, hormones, you ladies know the drill) this has definitely left my skin feeling fresher and smoother. i will say that it doesn't feel like it tones and cleanses as well as the L'Oreal one - i feel that the L'Oreal has more of an overall effect whereas the Garnier seems to perform best at removing. unlike the other, this micellar water seems to have a few varieties - Pure Micellar Water and Skin Naturals for Combination & Sensitive Skin. the later i am very eager to try as the Garnier website says that it "removes make-up + purifies + mattifies for combination & sensitive skin" which sounds pretty perfect for me, and is the same price as the original. 

RELIABILITY - 8 out of ten
REMOVEABILITY - 9 out of ten
SKIN CARE - ½  out of ten
OVERALL - 8 out of ten

although both products are fantastic in their own way, i have yet to find something that i seriously dislike about the Garnier equivalent. yes, i wish it had a bit more 'skincareyness' but that is what i already have other products for. i bought these products to remove my eye makeup and i think this one does a better job. i am in no way pooping on the L'Oreal as i think it is great, but for the purpose i use the product for, for the price point and in general i am more satisfied with the results from the Garnier. 

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