Sunday, 7 June 2015

LIFE | my sponsored hair cut

something I have kept very private recently is the real reason I haven't been posting as much as I want to/usually would. it hasn't been mine to tell, but i am finally coming to terms with everything. I am still affected every day but I am trying to come to terms with it all. the long and short is that ben's dad has cancer, and very severe. he is currently in chemo and every day is different. the cancer is in his brain, lungs and liver. there is a chance he will survive this, but the cancer will come back one day, they know that, and when it does there will be nothing they can do. no one can give us a time line, he could have days he could have years, it all depends on how well his body copes with all the drugs and chemo, but currently things look slightly more positive.

since this all came around, i have wanted to do something and i haven't known what to do until now. there is a tattoo place in weymouth that are doing a 24 hour tattoo-a-thon and i am going down to get a tattoo in honour of Gaz and i am also getting another one hopefully, so i am contributing through that, but i wanted to do something off my own back. then i got the idea of doing a sponsored hair cut. i know it isn't a lot and it is something a lot of people do, but it is something i can do. everyone knows how much my hair means to me and how (even when it looks like i have been dragged through a hedge backwards) i will always look after it (i know i know i just spent a weekend killing it with colorants, but my hair is tough). it is something i have been thinking of for a few weeks now and i decided there is no better time than now. i want to get rid of my hair for him and donate the money to Cancer Research UK so that maybe one day people and families will not have to suffer the pain and horror of cancer, and what it can do to families and individuals. i cry every night because i feel so helpless about Gaz's situation, and how i can't even help my own boyfriend cope with this. but if i can help donate money and hopefully donate towards a cure then maybe in 5/10 years time someone who is in my position...well, i hope they won't be in my position.

i never want anyone to go through what me and my family are going through. so if you have a few spare pounds, please donate to my cause. i have posted pictures on my JustGiving page of what i am aiming for, but if you search 'messy layered bob' you will get an idea of what i am going to have. i am going from hair that is past my boobs to a bob that is no longer than my ears. i can't do a lot, but this i can do. 

please help support an amazing institution, and if you have been touched by cancer in some way i am so sorry for your suffering. this is my first ever fundraising event, but i don't think it will be the last. more should be done to help prevent this horrific disease touching lives. please donate if you can, and i cannot wait to show you what it looks like in a weeks time! i will (probably) be doing a video before, showing you the exact length of my hair, and during the process and then after. it is going to be weird, but i cannot think of a more worthwhile cause. visit this link or click the button to the left. i want to thank everyone for all their support so far in this, it means so much to me that i have touched so many people with this venture. thank you to the people who comment and email me with words of support, it means so much, i wish i could do more!

thank you!

ADDED - this is a reference picture of what i am going for with the length and style, obviously it will be completely different because of my face shape and hair colour and ladedadeda but this is my main reference point! (photo not mine)


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