Sunday, 5 July 2015

CHOP FOR CHARITY | my hair transformation 2

as many of you will know (and i did write a post on it here) my boyfriends dad was diagnosed with cancer a few months back. although the chemo is currently working he will never be 100% again, and it hit everyone so hard when we found out. i am still affected on a daily basis and usually find myself crying about the situation, or how it has affected the man i love. i made the decision at the beginning of june to cut my hair off in aid of Cancer Research UK as i felt it fitting. 

as i know EVERYONE knows, my hair has been my life for a very very long time. whenever something has happened in my life, i have changed my hair. usually it is my hair colour - going from blonde to brunette, visa versa, blonde to red and most recently red to blonde - but this was something huge that has affected us and my family and i wanted to do something to big to match this. it seems only right to change my hair length, just as Gary and most cancer sufferers lost their hair i would lose mine too. if it weren't for job issues i would have done the bold thing and braved the shave, but unfortunately i had to think logistically so i decided to go very very short instead! once i decided to cut my hair, i spent a lot of time looking at different hair styles for short hair and round faces. i decided to go with a very textured and layered bob. that soon quickly changed to something even shorter. i thought if i am going to do this i might as well do this right.

i wanted to make a blog post as well as my video so i could show you better the comparison between what was and what is, and the process in-between! i want to thank each and every one of you who has supported me through this whirlwind process - from those who donated, to those or encouraged me and reminded me why i am doing this - you guys have all been amazing and wonderful! i have had a few moments where i have hated my new hair and just want to be long haired again, but then i remember why i did it and what i have achieved and how many lives i could potentially have helped by cutting my hair and i realise that i made a small sacrifice to save lives. and i feel better again. 


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