Wednesday, 1 July 2015

FASHION | summery primark haul

NOTE - i will hopefully be doing a video on this soon so that will be linked below too when it is up!

hello! welcome back! now it has been a while since i went to primark, probably would have been longer if it wasn't for my main girl Ellen (shout out to you babe!!) she dragged me out of my standard 'tuesday is my day off so i shall sit inside even when its nice out and watch netflix all day' hole and got me out shopping! to be fair, i didnt spend as much as i thought i would, but it was lovely to get out and do something on my day off, and i wanted to share it all with you, as current;y (well in the one nearest to me) primark has some gorgeous summer things! i did indulge on one or two things, but most of the items i bought with the intention of wearing it for something else (which will hopefully be big news that i can share once it all goes through, if it all goes through, keep your fingers crossed secretly for me!!)

these last few months have been very difficult, and i am so grateful to Ellen for getting me out on one of my two days off to do something fun and have a girly day, which is something i haven't had for a very long time! i did want to vlog the day as well, but i am still gaining confidence in vlogging outside, but i will get there! (excuse the lawful awkward selfie stick poses, i was trying to find a spot to put my phone on a timer and it just was not happening so i opted for the popular selfie stick pose!!)

striped peplum - £8

split stripe shirt blouse - was £10, now £5

hogwarts top - £6

toy story top - £8 (found in mens dept)

long floral throw - £10

marvel pjs - £8

striped thermal mug - £3

my favourite item has to the be the longline floral throw thing. you have probably seen them everywhere, but they are like thin material with sleeveless arms and they are just an added extra to an outfit, i shall definitely be getting a lot of wear out of that one! (plus, in this weather, its nice to be a little covered but you know that you won't roast like a turkey at christmas in it!

NOTE - as a reminder, my sponsored hair cut is in 2 days (this friday!!) so please check out my post below all about it, it would mean so much to me! if you didnt know, my (as i call him) father-in-law has terminal cancer, and as you ALL should know by now my hair is and always will be my life, so i thought what more fitting way to raise money for cancer research uk than to cut all my hair off! sadly due to my job i am not going full britney, but i am going very short (there are pictures below!) so please sponsor me if you can, i shall be vlogging the whole thing (AND I MAY EVEN BE FEATURED IN THE PAPER!!) thank you babies!

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