Friday, 21 August 2015

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as you guys will know i am looking to move out and rent a flat independently, or as i call it 'grown up renting'. my mum and i today went shopping to get bits and pieces for the new flat, and i was surprised by how affordable everything is in comparison to what i thought. when i sat down and worked it all out and got everything out the bags i realised how much we had bought and how little we had spent in the grand scheme of things. 

for anyone who is looking to live independently too, or for people getting ready to start packing for university or for someone who just needs some affordable yet reliable bits of home ware, then this would be ideal for you! considering how much we bought we did not spend a lot of money and i think that it is key - there are always bargains out there you just have to look a  little bit!

  • glass casserole dish - £10
  • spatula and spoon - 40p each
  • 16cm saucepan - £2.25
  • 20cm saucepan (not pictured) - £3
  • frying pan set - £4
  • measuring jug - £2
  • oven baking tray - £1

  • can opener
  • baking tray
  • knife set
  • pizza cutter

  • chopping board - £6
  • microfibre cloths (not pictured) - £2
  • tumblers - £4

TOTAL - £39.05

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