Tuesday, 25 August 2015

LIFESTYLE | Dorset Tea

many of you will know I am from a quaint little county in the South and in all honesty not a lot happens here, nor has a lot ever come from the county. however, I have recently been introduced to an amazing product from my little county and I wanted to share it with you all! 

Dorset Tea was born in a Bournemouth kitchen in 1934 and Dorset Tea became Dorset Tea in 2009 to celebrate the original work of Keith Spicer who created the tastes and infusions that are still used today. since then, they have added fruit infusions, green tea and their most popular Golden Blend, which is your every day tea. Dorset Tea has held the Great Taste Award since 2010!

Our love of Dorset has inspired us to create a new range of fruit & herbal infusions and green teas which capture the all-round loveliness of our beautiful county. From Strawberries & Cream tea to Cool Camomile, our new teas will bring you the taste of Dorset wherever you happen to be - bringing the natural life, colour and vitality of Dorset to every day moments.
as well as this, because of the importance of Dorset heritage and the surrounding areas, Dorset Tea is part of the Rainforest Alliance and only used 100% certified tea for their Golden Blend. something like that is something that most companies probably wouldn't think of, and for a small county it is important to be part of such a global issue and show support. 

having only tried the above flavours thanks to some free samples at work I am absolutely in love and converted! for someone who doesn't enjoy green tea, I found that this flavour was my favourite, as it didnt have that usual green tea after taste (we all know what I mean!) I am also in love with the foraged fruits, as it wasn't too sweet and flavourless like some fruity teas can be, this was a perfect balance. I also got distracted and left it by mistake, and when I came back and some cold it was still really nice, so now I know I can have iced fruit tea on a hot day! 

if you can source finding some of these, I would recommend them to anyone. they are inexpensive for what you get, and you can really tell that they have honed and perfected their craft, and it shows in the flavour and dedication you get, on a side note, I adore the packaging, I think it really sums the product up wonderfully - the summery feel you get with every cup with hints of the beautiful countryside that surrounds Dorset. I put my hands up to you Dorset Tea.


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  1. I love Dorset Tea. Whenever I pop home I always pick up a box of Dorset Breakfast <3

    Tamsyn-Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear


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