Saturday, 8 August 2015


a very welcome back to you all! i am sorry i have been down for a week or so! i have been working hard every day to try and streamline my whole blog for the best experience for you (and me!) and i hope i have now achieved that! i will probably be tweaking for a while now, but i have got everything how i want it for now!

for all of you that followed me on social media during my absence then welcome! for all those returning thank you for sticking with me through all of this! i have some very exciting things coming up soon, some collaborations hopefully, some reviews, some lifestyle posts...its all been going on whilst i have been gone! and also HELLO to my new website name! i finally bought a domain for my website and i am so so happy to have done that! it is something i have wanted to do for a while, but i never thought i was "big enough" to have my own name, but then i thought WHY NOT?! i have worked so hard over the last few years, and especially the last two to work on this and make it something worth while, and something i can be proud of, and something you guys will all enjoy!

on a side note, i am going to try and make things a little personal for a while whilst i have so much going on. i will try to do catch up posts every now and again, and you can always follow me on IG or twitter, but on here i am going to be a bit distant for a while whist i just sort some personal things out, but i don't want that to affect anything at all to do with my blog!

i hope you all enjoy my new page and find it easier to find things, more simplistic, more professional (i think so anyway!) thank you all for your continued support with everything, i appreciate it all so much!

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