Thursday, 3 September 2015

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for anyone who knows (and I have probably put it online EVERYWHERE at some stage) my first job was at Clinton Cards, and thanks to that job I developed my obsession with candles, specifically Yankee Candles. I have bought candles from everywhere, from Primark to Tesco to Yankee, and I have always radiated back to these.

there is something about Yankee Candles that I have just not been able to find anywhere else. the scent in the packaging alone is heavenly. some candles when you burn them they lose their scent, but you never have that with Yankee - they retain their scent long after the flame has been blown out. I recently had the opportunity to get a few again, so I decided to pick some up. I only got sampler size, as with my living situation I don't know when I will be moving etc and samplers are easier to transport. Mango Peach Salsa, Vanilla Cupcake and Pineapple Cilantro are scents I have had before and have been favourites so I decided to repurchase them, along with Cranberry Pear and Red Raspberry which are new to me. I am (unfortunately) someone who strongly dislikes raspberries and I refuse to eat anything with them, which is difficult because I love Black Forest Gateau. however, this raspberry scent is the complete opposite to what I would have expected, so I am surprised I picked it up, but glad I did. 

the thing I like about Yankee Candle is that the scent you see on the front is often exactly what the candle smells like, and yet you still struggle to find the words to describe what it smells like. now, I know that sounds bizarre, but most of you will know what I mean.

if you are able to get your hands on Yankee Candles I would highly recommend getting some and giving them a sniff! they have every scent under the sun, anything from Baby Powder to Fresh Cotton to Cranberries on Ice (which was my favourite Christmas scent last year and I am sooooo happy I have a few tealights left!) to Pink Sands - they have such a variety, there is always something for everyone, especially the gents out there will find something they like!

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