Saturday, 14 November 2015

BEAUTY | The Body Shop Christmas Advent Calendar

Every year, major companies come out with their own advent calendars, which, just like normal advent calendars, have windows or boxes that you open each day during December. For a while I have wanted to invest in one, or get one that I really liked the look of. I had been eyeing up The Body Shop calendar since it launched due to the fact I work right opposite The Body Shop in town, so when I was told that they only had one left I decided to take the plunge and invest!

The Body Shop have always had incredible products, and I am always popping over to see what is new in and what they have to offer, so I am very excited to own their advent calendar this year. I am told by the sales assistants that this one is their best one yet, and they have really gone to town! I was also told that roughly the value of all the products inside comes for about £120, so when I think I only paid £60 for it I am very happy! It seems like such a lot of money at the time, but when you think that each product on its own it is really worth the investment. This year they have included a wider range of products than before, including makeup and some of their new Christmas scents!

I am refrained from opening it so far, and only marvelling at the packaging, but rest assured I shall keep you updated on what is inside when December hits! If you can still get your hands on one, whether online or in your local store (sorry Dorchester people, they all are gone from this store!!) then I would recommend it, even if you do not know what to get someone for Christmas and you are willing to spend a little more, this would be a great early Christmas present to give someone, as they get 24 little presents (and I am also informed there may even be a secret 25th gift, but I have yet to discover this or find out what it is!!)

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