Monday, 29 February 2016

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With me working so much, it has been the little details in the flat which have started to give the flat a sense of home for me. It is silly to think that these small things make such a difference, but they do. I want to do a full flat tour (well, it won't take too long because the flat is small) but I wanted to share with you some of these little things that I have decorated with. The paper sculpture I made in sixth form, and is probably the only thing I ever made in so many years of Art. I wanted to bring it with me and to sit on my windowsill to remind me that no matter how down I feel, I will always have that (the message of it was the saying "killing two birds with one stone".) The little white house it sits beside is from The Range and is a taillight holder and just caught my eye - it is a perfect little addition. The bathroom I decided I wanted to have purple accents due to my towel set being a purple/mauve colour, so I had already got some small candles from Primark last year and the soap was from Wilkinsons and is Passionfruit and Watermelon. Just like the bathroom, the candles in the living room were also from Primark last year, and the plant and chilli were moving in gifts from my manager, because unfortunately Gary passed away the day I moved so it was a very tough day. Fergie, as I have named him, is doing well and is liking being on the windowsill, and Charlie, as I named the chilli, sits in the kitchen next to my New Home cards that my parents and grandparents sent me. The two picture frames were both gifted to me, the heart from Ben as a Valentines Day present and the triptych from my parents. I thought that hanging the pictures would make the walls seem 'less clinically white' and it would be nice to see them when I wake up or when I am sat on my sofa at night.

It feels like with my flat at the moment it is the little things that matter.

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