Sunday, 22 May 2016


As anyone who follows me knows, I have a better half, Ben. On May 10th we celebrated three years together. To many this may not seem like a lot, and someone I work with almost laughed at the concept of celebrating three years, but things have no exactly been the easiest for either of us this past year, and I felt I wanted to celebrate and commemorate the occasion. I created a short vlog of everything to show you - we went for lunch, to the cinema and down to the beach to the arcades like the children we are at heart.

I know he probably won't see this, but he is my life, and no matter what has happened this last year that hasn't changed. We have overcome a lot, and we have both grown up, he more than I. I know this is all sounding very cheesy, and no words that I can express on here will ever be enough, but he knows how I feel about him and to me that is a miracle that he even understands how I feel because sometimes I cannot formulate the words to describe it. 

Happy three years you knob.



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  1. Happy anniversary! I really enjoyed this vlog, and that pizza looks incredible!!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog



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