Monday, 31 October 2016

BEAUTY | Boots Own Shampoo and Conditioner

My most viewed post of all time is about the shampoo and conditioner by Alberto Balsam, find it here, and having seen just how popular that post continues to be three years on I decided to do another little experiment with more "budget" products. Working next door to a Boots store does have some advantages, and so when I saw these I decided to grab them and give these a go. At 75p a bottle they are some of the cheapest I have seen on the market. 500ml is a rather big bottle, and I have nearly finished the coconut in a month it has lasted well. As we know my hair is not in the best condition, but saying that it is in one of the best conditions of my life. I usually use colour protection shampoos and conditioners, but you also get a price tag with them, and sometimes you just need a product to tide you over until you can get those slightly pricier products again. If that is the case, then this is the product for you.

It has made my hair have some life, and some times it has brought out some of the many colours in my hair to make it look like I have natural highlights. My hair stays soft, and I have done the 4 day test and even on day four my hair still had some life and softness to it. It has helped my hair look its best, even when it is tied up and out of the way. This has to be some of the best hair products for someone on a budget I have tried. The four scents they have online are Coconut, Tea Tree and Mint, Fresh Apple and Strawberry - I feel as if I need to try them all as I have loved these two so much!

Boots Fresh Coconut Shampoo 500ml
Boots Fresh Coconut Conditioner 500ml
Boots Tea Tree and Mint Shampoo 500ml
Boots Tea Tree and Mint Conditioner 500ml



  1. I agree, they work better on my mixed race daughter's curly hair, and the conditioner helps detangle her hair

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