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As many of you know I work for Accessorize, and it is one of the best jobs. I get to work every day with jewellery and accessories - what is better than that?! Since working there, I feel my fashion sense and accessory sense has expanded. Not only do I get to wear Accessorize jewellery, but I can also wear Monsoon clothing. For those who have a little more to spend, I would recommend Monsoon clothing as the quality is amazing, and they have great Ethical values (you can find more about Monsoon's roots here)

Below I wanted to show you some of my favourite current season pieces ranging from large statement necklaces suitable for that party atmosphere, to the more delicate pieces. Rose gold has been one the biggest influences of this year - both in fashion, and beauty. One of the key trends has been rose gold jewellery and people colouring their hair in the style of rose gold (which is amazing!!) I have definitely been influenced by some of these pieces, although I do not show all of them here. Normally I am a lover of only silver jewellery but having started at Accessorize I have been converted to gold as well, and some of my favourite pieces are gold!

Statement necklaces are universal - they are popular all year round, and will always be in style. Coming up to the Christmas season, sparkles and pearls are the "in" design. These pieces are both simple and effective. The right one reminds of The Great Gatsby and I wear it with more high necked pieces as it has a more simplistic design. I find I love it best when I am wearing it with plain black. The left is more intricate but can be worn any time. Having worn it with classic stripes, jumpers and even a floral piece. Because of the colours it can be paired with almost any colour outfit.

Long necklaces are always a winner for me. I LIVE for long necklaces. I always have. Fun fact - one of the first proper necklaces I ever had was from Accessorize from my friend on my 16th birthday, it was a simple gold heart on a long chain, and I still have it to this day. Long necklaces are a staple in any accessory to a fashionistas closet. My two favourite pieces are the geometric kites - coming in silver and rose gold - as geometric shapes seem to be in this season. As well, marble plays a key part in EVERY aspect of daily living. That is why rose gold and marble work so well together.

Z for Accessorize is a "home brand". It was created by the founder of Monsoon's daughter, Zara, and so each piece is individual and beautiful. Delicate gold and rose gold pieces compliment both a casual and smart outfit. My favourite pieces of the moment are the Zodiac necklaces and the Initial pendants. Both are personal to the individual so you can find the piece to suit you. I also bought the Zodiac sign for my sister for her birthday and she has worn it several times. These pieces will be come classic as they are simple. I often wear one or the other every day and wear a long gold necklace to create a layered piece.

Geometric patterns and style are one of the key style for this autumn. You can find them in nearly every store, and especially with rose gold being one of the upcoming trends that is here to stay, rose gold and geometric is one of the best mixes I have found. Here I wanted to show you that it is not only rose gold that can add to an outfit, but also gold and silver. Whatever your jewellery colour preference  you can find something geometric to suit you. My personal preference is silver, but I have found since working at Accessorize that sometimes I favour a gold piece over a silver.

Whatever you fashion taste, whatever your favourite style of jewellery, whatever your budget you will always find something on trend, in style and for the right price if you search for it. Accessorize has become my new home for jewellery, not only because I work there but because I love and trust their products. If you get a chance, don't be afraid to search for them online (as they offer free Click and Collect!) or visit your local branch.

Just remember - the right piece of jewellery can add the right touch to an outfit. 


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