Sunday, 11 December 2016

LIFESTYLE | a very wilkos christmas

Since moving in to my flat I have decided to get some new christmas decorations, as my previous tree was all white and silver and that theme doesn't fit the colours I have in the lounge area. So I have been picking up the off copper/gold/red pieces to sit on the new tree. I visited Wilkos today - and boy! I was not disappointed! Bear in mind I live in the south and the store I visited in Weymouth is not the biggest store by far, in fact the Poole store I went to the other week with Emma is bigger, but I found so many gorgeous bits! I wanted to share the purchases with you because all of this was less than £20, and who doesn't love a good bargain!

'&' Mug - £1.00
Gold Sparkle Mug - £2.00

Small wooden stars - 50p each

Gold Glitter Stags - £1.00 each

White Bauble with Gold Glitter Spots - 75p each

Distressed Gold Baubles - £1.00 a pack of 6

Red Mixed Bauble Pack - £1.50 a pack of 6

(ps - see if you can see me in this picture!)

Gold Leaf Distressed Bauble - £1.00 each

So my total for this shop was £17.25 - all this for such a small total! And everything its in with the new Christmas theme I have in the works for this year. (obviously my flat mate isn't too bothered, but he understands my need to decorate the whole flat in everything Christmas!)

If you have a Wilkos near you I would 100% recommend visiting and seeing what they have on offer, as they have a range of colours, sizes, individual pieces, packs - everything you could need for Christmas in one place and for such good prices!

EDIT - since writing this post I have put my tree up and so I wanted to show you it!!


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