Thursday, 26 January 2017

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You guys know when it comes to my fashion posts, I am partial to featuring New Look. I trust them and their products, and I have some New Look pieces that are some of the oldest things in my wardrobe!

In the past few months, embroidered pieces have become all the range! The simplicity of embroidery has hit the high streets hard, and New Look is no different! I first saw the pieces in New Look (thanks to my girl Emma wearing a few!) and the collection has just grown! 

I wanted to put together a little compilation of some of my favourite embroidered New Look pieces for you guys to see! I have left the links to everything below so you can go and check them out! Don't forget, if you spend over £19.99 you get free Click and Collect, and sign in so you can track your order!

My favourite piece is 5, the biker jacket! It is so stunning but simple and I just feel it would go with everything! (if someone wants to gift it to me, I would not say no!!) I also love 8, the large grey jumper. I feel coming up to these cooler spring days and evenings this would be the perfect addition to a wardrobe. I can see myself wearing some leather look leggings and heeled boots with it, and the jumper being over sized, very 80's! For anyone getting in to the also current trend of turtle necks, try number 11 - it is slightly cropped but with a small turtle neck and embroidered shoulders, something that can be very easily dressed up or down!

Don't forget to check other sites as I have seen embroidery everywhere recently, but New Look always has a place in my heart!

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