Thursday, 5 January 2017

LIFESTYLE | new year diaries

One thing everyone loves about the New Year is buying new stationary, specifically a new diary! Whilst shopping with Emma a few months ago we popped in to Poundland and I found these gorgeous dairies, and obviously for just a pound!

The one I am currently using is the big zig zag one as it is thin and mobile, but obviously (me being me) I had to pick up the other two as well! The other two will sit on my desk, or I can give them to someone (probably my sister to help "organise her life") so I wanted to get ones that matched the colour scheme of my new work space. 

I also have my Happiness Planner (if you want to see a post about it then please let me know!) but I needed a portable diary to take to work with me to make sure I have all my hours correct, and my holiday booked woooooo.

If you are still after a diary head to your local Poundland and have a look at their selection! They have all different shapes and sizes and colours and words and patterns, there is something for everyone! 

Each diary has got a number of additional pages which will come so in handy for me! The big year planner has come in handy already as I have marked my holidays and my colleagues holidays on it so I know what is coming up (colour coded of course!)

Poundland - you have done this girl proud!


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