Tuesday, 17 January 2017

LIFESTYLE | tattoos with emma

It has been a hot minute since I got "some new ink" and as I have said nuuuuuumerous time I would love my right arm in black and white! I have already posted a tattoos video which you can watch here but that was posted two years ago (oh baby Amelia, you have so much to live and learn!) but I wanted to make a blog all about the day Emma and I had getting our new tattoos!

We visited True Ink Tattoos in Branksome - I was tattooed by Robbie and Emma was done by Natalie, both incredible artists! We were so lucky and blessed with them - even though I am fine being tattooed (Robbie kept saying how well I was sat) it was so nice to be tattooed by people who kept a conversation going, and we were chatting all four of us, they were so welcoming!

SO! WARNING! The video below does contain footage of needles and someone being tattooed. If you do not like this then PLEASE do not watch! The final tattoos are below for you to see though!


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