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Going away on holiday can be a stressful time. You know you will enjoy it once you're there but all the prep and set up can take a long time! 

The count down to my holiday has begun, and in a few very short days (EEEEKKKKKK) I will be flying across the pond on an amazing holiday to Florida with my family, and I am finally getting round to packing. I know that when we are there we will go shopping, so I can pack a little lighter. But I still need to take the basics.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought I would create my own version. It is an easy guide on what to pack when you go away. I am chose these based on where I am going, so bear in mind your destinations climate and culture, but it is an easy, fail safe formula on what to pack!


Picking tops is a personal preference. Think about what you will be using them for so you can get tops that can be used for a couple of different things. Short sleeves can be great for the beach or walking around during the day, and longer sleeves are great for the cooler evening air. The great thing about floral shirts or check shirts is that they can be worn as a top or a long sleeve over a short sleeve if you get a bit chilly. This saves on taking a jacket out for the day.

Floral Print Blouse from George at Asda


Shorts can be used for so many different things. Floatier shorts can be used for casual days or beach days, and denim can be dressed up for an evening or down for a day out. Think about maybe a skirt as an alternate, but again, personal preference, I like shorts as I have thick thighs so find them comfier. 


As above, dresses and playsuits can be dressed up or down. The great thing about summer dresses is that this is an easy transition. They are some of the easiest things to throw on, and are easy to match with accessories. Sometimes a brighter patterned outfit is easiest to accessorize as you will want to keep the accessories plain so they match any outfit. Playsuits are great for being out for the day (but remember about going to bathroom!) 


Lets talk shoes! Again, you need to think about where you are going so you know the kind of shoes you will need to take. Basic rule of thumb is a pair of sandals/flip flops, pumps/trainers and heels. Sandals and flip flops are great for the beach, pumps and trainers  are perfect for those days where you are walking around (sometimes you need comfort!) and heels are the best for the evening (just think about heel height and if you will be walking!) Keep colours plain, like your accessories, so you can add them to any outfit, no matter the colour or pattern.


Bags is an easy thing to pack, I think. Maybe that's because I love bags but you only really need two. You need a day bag, so something that can fit your daily things in, or your beachwear, and an across body bag for shopping days or evenings. Remember to keep colours simple, but I have just FALLEN in love with the colour of this backpack. Being a mini backpack it is the perfect size for everything.


Swimwear is a personal choice. I prefer a two piece, some prefer a one piece. Two is probably a good number, that way you have one dry set whilst the other is wet. If you are heading on a beach holiday, again, think about location. I know we are spending at least one day in a water park and one in Discovery Cove, but other times I will be sunbathing, so for me two is a good choice.

Tropical Bikini Top and Bottoms from New Look


Keep this bit simple - one of things. It takes up less space in your suitcase and some of it you can even take in your carry on. Sunglasses are a given (although I will struggle with this. I have to wear glasses all the time, so I either wear my glasses and am blinded by the sun, or wear sunglasses and am blind, first world problems.) Always handy to have a watch but make sure you set it to your local time zone! And of course, a sun hat. An absolute essential on any holiday. My preference is big floppy hats because I have a round face so I like how it looks, but you can go for a trilby, or a fedora, or baseball cap...there are so many options!

Black Fedora Hat from George at Asda

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