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Ah Florida. How I would love to be back there right now. The weather, the food, the atmosphere, the positivity...they were possibly two of the best weeks I have had...ever. I am paying the price (literally) for those two weeks, but it was worth every penny. 

As one does, I decided to treat myself whilst I was there. Obviously (as you should ALL be aware I celebrated my birthday whilst we were out there, so some of these things were gifted to me. I will show you which ones are gifted so you know.) I also have clothing which I bought, tees mainly, but I couldn't take pictures of them...because I gained weight. (slight side track but I lost 3st in a year before Florida and in the 2 weeks I was there I gained one stone back. And you know what? I am not even sorry. I ate doughnuts most days for breakfast and I drank a lot of draaaaaank so I am okay with it. Yes I will get it back off again, but I am not sorry about it. Side track over!)

Can you see a theme with my birthday cards?

Don't judge me...I like Lego...I like Disney...

The Joe's Crab Shack cup was a souvenir one you got when you had a certain cocktail. So obviously I had to have the cocktail.

Souvenir cup again - but this one flashes!! You press the button on the top and the flash pattern changes.

I was gifted this for my birthday. It is my birthstone in a little Mickey Mouse head. I absolutely love this, it is the cutest!

Why not buy Real Techniques sponges when they are cheaper in America?! STOCK PILE!

Lumiere I received for my birthday and I bought John Bender for myself from Universal as The Breakfast Club is my all time favourite film. (fun fact - last year for Charity Week at work, I dressed up as John Bender for one of the days!)

Again, gifted for my birthday, and I cannot wait to get this out and impress everyone with my extreme *coughobsessivecough* knowledge.

This is going to be my Florida photo album for when I print all my pictures from the holiday. I cannot wait to look back in many years time and remember the memories that I have from it.

The one thing I wanted to get for myself was this palette, and I managed to get hold of it on my final day. I went in to two Sephoras and a Sephora section in a mall, and I couldn't find it, everywhere was sold out. And now...holy moly. I cannot believe I have not had an ABH glow kit before. Forever Lit is my new favourite highlighter.

Take that Primark - I take your Chip mug and raise you one.

How could I not?!

IGNORE MY FACE but when you go to Discovery Cove and swim with the dolphins you receive a lanyard that you have to wear all the time and it is your ID for getting alcohol. We happened to go on my birthday so I got a special red one, and everywhere we went people said Happy Birthday to me, and it made me feel so special!

So a big thing in Disney and Universal is Pin Trading and as I didn't do it too much last time I went in 2008 I wanted to do it this time round. The next few pictures are my lanyards and pins that I got. Kitty spent nearly 2 whole days trying to find me the Belle pins as they were sold out in every shop in Disney! But we found them, and I am so happy with all of them.

This last one was my birthday gift from my parents. It is a musical snowglobe that sings Tale As Old As Time. It is beyond perfect and I cannot wait to have this on my desk in the flat (whichever flat I live in).

This post is not me bragging, I just want to show you what I treated myself to, and what was gifted to me for my birthday. As I said I do have some t-shirts as well, and I am sure they will appear on my Instagram or Twitter at some stage soon, so be sure to follow me on social media to see them!

For anyone who has the opportunity to go to DisneyWorld or Universal or even Florida I would highly recommend it. If I could go again in the future I would jump at the chance.

I want to take this small opportunity to thank my parents endlessly for giving me the chance to go back to DisneyWorld with them. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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