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BEAUTY | current skin care with The Body Shop

For someone who has suffered for many years with acne, dry skin, sensitive, redness, visible veins...just anything and everything, skin care is a big things for me, and a routine matters. And sticking to the routine is important too!

The Body Shop is a big win for me when it comes to my skin care. They have ranges that cater to everyones needs, and skin types, and I can always find something to suit what my skin is doing. As well, the staff (especially in my local branch) are always willing to answer your questions and help find the products that are right for you!

And all cruelty free?! What more could you ask!

I wanted to show you my current skin care products (and when I use them) in a hope I can help someone out there who suffers like me!

"A gentle, non-drying cleansing facial wash that leaves skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed. Formulated with protective vitamin E and moisturising wheatgerm oil."

This gentle facial wash is the best way I have found to take off my makeup. Teamed with Micellar Water (which I use for my eye makeup) this gets rid of everything - even when my face is glued on with primer and setting spray! As it is a gentle product, it is harmless to my skin, and produces a nice lather once rubbed into the skin. As well, it has a non-drying quality, which is great for my T-zone area and around my nose which can get very dry (especially in this heat!)

"Infused with pure, organic tea tree oil, our Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub is a daily facial exfoliator perfect for blemished skin. Biodegradable bursting micro-beads gently buff the skin surface, removing impurities and dead skin cells for skin that feels smooth and appears more clear and shine-free."

As far as daily scrubs go, this has to be my favourite. Specifically designed for blemished skin, it helps remove any residual makeup I have left and unblock those pores to let my skin breathe! A small amount goes a long way with this product as it lathers up when massaged in to the skin. Despite having micro-beads, it has never affected any blemishes on my skin but targets the areas that need that extra clean!

"Packed full with jojoba beads and seaweed to refresh and clarify, your face will feel super-soft and beautifully clean with every use. Refine your pores whilst deeply cleansing your skin, with our facial polish."

The newest addition to my skin care is this exfoliator, and boy was this a purchase! Recommended to me by one of the lovely ladies in my local branch, I have certainly not looked back. Use daily, or if and when desired, this really gets in to the pores for a deep clean. As I said at the top, I have some serious combination skin, so this great for me. It helps clear my pores, and even helps get rid of those bits of skin that need to come off (you know what I mean...dead skin...ew!) This has one of the best lathers I have seen, especially when lathered in the hands before applying.

What are you favourite skin care products? Do you have a routine, like me, or do you wing it every night?



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