Tuesday, 17 October 2017

LIFESTYLE | 17th October

Today Mum and I went to visit Poundbury Garden Centre to see their incredible Christmas display. Every year they pull out the stops and this year was no different! 

And the entrance was Game of Thrones, what could be better?!

These pictures do not do it any justice at all but I wanted to try and capture some of it. Each section has a different colour scheme and a different theme, and each flows perfectly in to the next. My favourite is the Red and Gold as that is my current Christmas scheme, but I also adored the White and Silver as those are the PERFCT Christmas colours to me (childhood memories yaknow?)

If you can get to Poundbury I would highly recommend it. There is something for every taste, every colour scheme, religious iconography, kitsch, baubles, tinsel, trees, lights, candles...you name it! It is a one stop shop for all the perfect Christmas decorations,


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