Thursday, 1 February 2018

MY 2017

2017 has been and gone in such a flash it seems crazy we are a whole month in to 2018 already! (and at work I am still having to pay attention when writing 2018 so as to be sure I write the correct year!)

I took a little time out for me at the start of this year, but I still wanted to summarise my previous year and share some of the key memories with you. I did realise flicking through and finding these photos that a lot of events I haven't captured with pictures, and that is okay. I have the memories.


I started the year off my getting two new tattoos! (you can see the vlog from the day here) I finally got my Beauty and the Beast rose and I got my Aries star sign constellation.

We also travelled a little up north to celebrate my paternal Grandad's 80th birthday with all my fathers family. It was nice to see my aunties, uncles and cousins.


Having been ginger for a little while I decided I missed the red too much and made the transition back. I recently celebrated having red hair for 5 years (with the exception of a few months as a blonde and a ginger). I feel red is where my heart truly lies!


In March I made my first ever "sponsored" post for the Sock Shop (you can see the post here) I felt incredibly lucky to have received so much from them, and I would love to work with them again in the future!


Well, April was the big month for me. I got the opportunity to visit DisneyWorld Florida again and it was honestly the holiday of a lifetime. I was lucky enough to visit in 2008 when my brother was very little so didn't come with us, so to share this experience at 21/22 with him was wonderful! (I say 21/22 because I celebrated my 22nd birthday whilst we were out there!)

(This year I will be lucky enough to visit DisneyLand Paris for the first time in March and I am is excited about that!)


I took a weekend trip away to London at the end of May with someone, and it was a lovely little getaway! I had never been away with a partner before so I was very lucky to have the chance! (there is a vlog here all about it!)

I also dressed up as Ariel for a dress-up day at work in sponsor of the Monsoon Accessorize Trust. Each day was a different theme, and one of the days was favourite movie/book character. How could I not choose Ariel?!


Unfortunately due to living circumstances June was a very boring month. I worked, came home and slept. I was living away from Poundbury during June, BUT I did learn how to make a slow cooker chilli, so that counts as something right?!


My dad has been competing in triathlons (right now) for over a year, so in July he competed in another one in Weymouth! I am so proud of him and what he is achieving by doing them!


August was a month for me - to find myself again, to realise I didn't need a man to define me, and to have some fun! Something I lost in the previous months was my love for doing my nails, so something I really focused on in August were my nails! (more on that later!)


Mum got the car of dreams in September. Her car wouldn't have made it to the end of the year, so they planned on getting a Seat Attica, but the date kept getting pushed back. So finally my dad decided no, and mum ended up getting a Mercedes B Class (with a personalised number plate!)


Mum celebrated her **th birthday in October, and to celebrate we had a family meal and took a trip to Lyme Regis. It was beautiful (if not windy) and I hope she had an amazing birthday!

I also dedicated most of my free time to creating Halloween inspired nails! I had SO much fun creating them, and I finally made 10 designs! I cannot wait to make more for Easter and if you look on my Instagram you will see some of the designs I created for Christmas!

A few months later than expected, but I also FINALLY published my Florida Vlogs! You can find the post here or the YouTube playlist here. I am so so happy with how they all turned out!


I kicked the month off by going to two firework displays! I went to one at my parents house and one at the Dorchester Rugby Club with Emma.

November is also when I met the incredible Kirsty (you can see her channel here) We became fast friends, and her husband Tony is a nice guy too! She is such a wonderful person and I am very happy to have met her!


I started December with conquering some of my social anxiety and took a trip to Bath to stay for a weekend. I visited places I had never been before, went on unknown trains in unknown places on my own, and saw real snow! (my fellow Dorset people will understand my excitement at actual snow!)

I also discovered what a different a year can make. These pictures were taken on the same day a year apart, and most of the changes are all psychological. (and obviously the big change in hair, but that isn't as important as the mental changes I went through.)

I was also invited by the lovely Kirsty to go to the Dorset Lifestyle Bloggers Christmas Party in Bournemouth! I had such a wonderful time (and again conquered some of my social anxiety) and met some wonderful and incredible bloggers! (L-R CiaraEmmaLouiseKirsty and Ewelina)

 I also visited Lulworth Cove at sunset and it was beyond stunning.

Finally the big day was here, and I celebrated Christmas Day with my amazing family. This year was certainly a year for ups and downs for us all, but we have all come out stronger and closer.

I look forward to seeing what 2018 has to offer me (I already have 1 possibly 2 holidays booked, plenty of blog work that I want to achieve, and some personal goals I am setting myself!)


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