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LIFESTYLE | books I read in January

I am always reading books. I love them! I read every day on my lunch break at work, with a cuppa in the afternoon, in the bath, everywhere! I am one of those people that loves technology but won't be converted to getting an e-book reader, I just prefer the feel of a physical book (and I love seeing a full series on my book shelf, so satisfying!)

For January, I decided to read some old favourites by authors I will always go back to, and I wanted to share them with you!


Cecelia Ahern was one of the first authors I ever read on my own. PS I Love You was so beautiful, and so I started to build up my collection of her works. How To Fall In Love was gifted to me, and I hadn't had a chance to read it yet. But I am so glad I did.

I connect to it because it centres are Christine who comes across a stranger, Adam, who is ready to jump off the Ha'Penny Bridge. It describes how Christine tries to show Adam how life is worth living, even when you have struggles.

It is a book that made me cry, laugh and appreciate my own life, and it is written in a very tasteful and inspiring way!


If you have been around a while, you will know I have ALWAYS loved Lindsey Kelk. I first came across her when I received I Heart New York as a free book with my Glamour magazine back in the day. And then I discovered it was part of a series. When I found out that Kelk was writing a finale book to the series I KNEW I needed it!

And boy what a finale! It rounds off the series in a beautiful way! We have followed Angela across the globe, from Hollywood to Paris and back, and Alex sounds like the perfect man! Who doesn't want to be with a guitarist?! Jenny Lopez (not that way) throws her issues in to the mix of Angela's own issues, and throw in this problems arising at the magazine?! How will Angela cope?!

I love that I have the full collection sat on my book shelf (along with her stand alone books We Were On A Break and Always The Bridesmaid, and her other series About A Girl) and I know whatever she releases next I will love just as much!


One of my all time favourite authors, Jodi Picoult has such a unique way of writing that I have always admired and loved reading. She writes from different times (unchronological order) or from multiple character viewpoints and it makes for a fascinating read.

This novel centres around a family who's youngest daughter has OI (osteogenesis imperfecta) and how the family handle the life with her. When they are given a lifeline that could completely change the way you live and gives your daughter a better way of life, but it involves throwing someone else you care about under the bus and telling the world you wish she had never been born, what do you do?

With a heartbreaking ending and so many twists and turns, it is a captivating read where you feel you can relate to every character, and you fall in love with them.

Have you read any books recently? What are they, and why did you love them?


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