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I was unsure whether I wanted to write anything for MH Awareness Week. For me, MH Awareness should occur all year round, and sadly it doesn't. Since writing my post where I said I had been struggling recently I have gone on an upwards spiral, and I am finding myself coming out of that constant down. And so I have felt in a comfortable enough head space to write this week. 

I wanted to share some of my coping mechanisms that have helped me throughout my journey, and certainly in the last two years (find out why 2 years here). They may not work for you, and that is okay, everyone has their own way of dealing with whatever it is going on in their life.


For me this is the most important part. My mum can attest to this that I was a recluse and shut myself off for too many years, and it was ultimately my downfall. If I couldn't open up about being bullied in year 5, 6 7, upwards then how could I tell someone I was physically harming myself?

As you all know I try as much as possible to lead an open life now, not necessarily to make up for the fact that I never did, but because I know how self destructive, or how further the self destruction can be, if you don't open up and be honest.

Talk to someone you trust. Talk to a stranger on the internet. Talk to your family. Saying the simple words like "I need help" may be as loaded as your thoughts, but the weight lifted when you speak up about your loaded thoughts is unreal.


For me this is a big thing. And still is to this day. But in this respect I am talking about if you need/want treatment.

I have seen too many counsellors, both in school, NHS and adult services, and for whatever reason they did not work for me. I went through counselling and CBT but neither helped. AND THAT IS OKAY. It isn't for everyone. Talking certainly helps me, but apparently I can't talk to them. To you guys or to friends I am as open as a desert, but I closed off with them.

For me, the turning point, was when my friends had an intervention with me. And that was when I started medication. And that was the best decision I could have made. I still take it now, and THAT IS OKAY. I have heard a lot of people slate medication, but I believe I would not have more good days than bad without it.

Medication does not make you weak.


For anyone suffering, you're thinking I am an idiot for saying this. "If I could sleep then I would." Oh, I know. Your head is too busy, you are too restless, I honestly get it. Sleep is something I always struggle with, but there are mornings when you wake up after that odd fully peaceful sleep and you feel slightly improved, even marginally. 

I have found podcasts a useful tool to help me drift off. The one I use is called "Sleep With Me" I put it on to play and end when the episode finishes and I am asleep before the end. If you listen to the words, become absorbed in the story, it helps you to clear your head. No it doesn't solve the issues that are floating around up there in your noggin, but it certainly helps you to fall asleep. I even put the podcast on if I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. I don't use it every night now, but I always know it is there.

Where possible, try to get a good nights sleep. It helps your body and mind relax when you have been so tense and worked up all day.


This is something I do not do enough. I do not listen to myself, I do not listen to my body, I do not listen to what my own body and mind is trying to tell itself.

My mum tells me off a lot for this, and I have suffered for it in the past. I have recently been severely ill, and had I not listened to my body with that and taken some sick days off work I could have been a lot worse. I have been told by doctors I should be signed off for a week or two and I have never taken them up on that. Even if your mind is telling you something/someone is no good, or a situation needs to change, LISTEN. Have trust that your body and mind knows what it is talking about.


Following on from the last one, do what makes you happy. Listen to yourself and what you want and do what keeps you happy. Whether thats a hobby, or a distraction, keeping your spirits up helps to keep your thoughts up.

Personally for me, it is doing my nails that makes me happy. When anyone asks me what I am doing of an evening, chances are I am doing my nails. I like to go out and have a drinks with friends too, getting out and about, but my nails make me the happiest. I am proud that after being a nail biter for so many years, I have naturally long nails. I look after them a heck of a lot, and I love doing nail art and making them look pretty.

Whether baking, or friends, or dance, or cars or whatever is what makes you happy then do it. It can come as a welcome distraction sometimes.

Look after yourself. Be kind to yourself. Protect yourself. Love to you all.


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